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Super useful article, thanks for sharing these gems, very much appreciated!

And I would love to see more content and specifically in depth with images and videos if that's something you do.

I bet that would be useful for newbies like myself.

Also, do you offer 1-on-1 type of consulting or I guess more of a services where we jump on a Zoom and build an Airtable to the specific needs? I know I could outsource it and get it done that way but I am also interested to learn the process while seeing and chatting with the person doing it.

Would be interesting to see what your thoughts about such thing.

Thanks again, amazing value!

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Thank for being so generous with your workflow, this is crazy helpful. I was wondering if you have ever used this for replying to generic (but still very kind) comments like "Great work", "Nice!". I usually spend and inordinate amount of time replying to stuff like this, and your post templates gave me the idea to pre-write replies and mix them up 😅

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Got another question: I'm seeing from yourself and other artists on Reddit, a commonality in posting work on commission type subreddits. Do you know of any artists who promote and gain followership specifically for their webcomics or other such projects?

I'm assuming it would it be the same type of routine--posting to comic related subreddits. But I'm just wondering if the commission route works the best or if you've seen other specific pursuits work too.

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Love this. Simple and concise.

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great info. As someone without any programming background, this seems a bit overwhelming. Looks like the concept is look for subreddits, and post as frequently as possible without breaking the rules. THanks again.

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