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My name is Gabriele, but you may know me better as Flygohr, a multidisciplinary visual artist with a passion for productivity and growth.

In 2013, I hit rock bottom - I was homeless, addicted to alcohol, and smoking, with no income and only punk moshpits under my belt. But I turned my life around, and now I have a successful artistic career, a studio, and plenty of work I love on my plate. Most importantly, I’m sober, can afford takeaway food multiple times a week, and am even trying to act like a grown-up most of the time.

About the publication

Through this newsletter, I share the journal of my artistic and personal journey. I dissect my most recent projects and share my latest findings and discoveries. I’m always trying new things, I read a lot, and I’m constantly researching ways to speed up my workflow, optimize my routines, find new sources of income and get more free time.

I send out new articles on various topics, including digital art, technology, and productivity, on Tuesdays and Thursdays. My goal is to provide actionable, valuable tips so that my newsletter is not only a read, but also a source of inspiration, knowledge, and growth.

Here are a few of the things you can expect:

  • Software and workflow tips for creatives

  • Project management stories and guides

  • Technology write-ups on stuff like AIs, NFTs, and other nerdy things

  • Gamification, roleplaying, community building

  • How-to’s, tutorials, and drawing resources

  • Links, books, videos, and other valuable products from the free web

  • Interviews and collaborations

  • and much more!

This newsletter is perfect for artists, both digital and traditional, writers of all kinds, productivity junkies, game designers and dungeon masters, entrepreneurs in arts and culture, creatives in general, people looking for inspiration, small business owners in creative fields, bookworms, geeks, and nerds, and creative project managers.

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Multidisciplinary artist, worldbuilder, nerd. Keeping a journal about growth, creativity and productivity