Welcome to Flygohr's, a publication for digital creators and fantasy enthusiasts. We’ll talk about art, tabletop RPGs, worldbuilding, and my art related projects.

I'm Gabriele, aka Flygohr, a multidisciplinary artist with a passion for storytelling, worldbuilding, and fantasy.

Since I was able to hold a pencil, I've always wanted to draw and write my own worlds. My journey as an artist hasn't always been easy. I faced financial instability, homelessness, and addiction, but I was determined to work on myself and my talents.

In this publication:

  • Project updates and breakdowns

  • Discounts, offers, and news from my artistic career

  • How-to's, tutorials, and drawing resources

  • Links to books, videos, games, and other resources I find valuable

  • Interviews and collaborations

  • Worldbuilding, storytelling, and roleplaying

  • Some software guides

Upgrade to support:

This publication is free, but I accept monthly donation pledges as a form of financial support. In the future, there might be some rewards like memberships, community roles, etc. Even retroactive ones! But for now, I don’t have the resources to make any extra reward.

Overall, I hope to make this a creative space where we can talk, build a community, and inspire each other 😊

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I'm a freelance fantasy artist, I make a living with art commissions, and I'm a huge nerd. I talk about the projects I work on and my goals as an artist.


Multidisciplinary artist, worldbuilder, nerd. Keeping a journal about growth, creativity and productivity