What is this?

Every few days I send out a new article on a variety of topics revolving around digital art, technology, and productivity. Those are my strong suites! I try to put actionable, useful tips in my articles, so as not to make this just a read but also a source of inspiration, knowledge, and growth.

  • Software and workflow tips for creatives

  • Project management stories and guides

  • Technology write-ups on stuff like AIs, NFTs, and other nerdy things

  • Gamification, roleplaying, community building

  • How-to’s, tutorials, and drawing resources

  • Links, books, videos, and other useful products from the free web

  • Interviews and collaborations

  • Much more! I’m kind of a generalist, and I’m bound to find new things I want to talk about

Who reads this?

While I’d love for everyone to read my stuff, it might be better suited for:

  • Artists, both digital and traditional

  • Writers of all kinds

  • Productivity junkies

  • Game designers and dungeon masters

  • Entrepreneurs in arts and culture

  • Creatives in general

  • People looking for inspiration

  • Small business owners in creative fields

  • Bookworms, geeks, and nerds

  • Creative project managers

Who writes this?

I’m Gabriele - in art Flygohr - a multidisciplinary visual artist that loves productivity and growth. I’m always trying new stuff, I read a lot - truly a dreadful lot - and I’m always researching ways to speed up my workflow, optimize my routines, find new sources of income and get more free time.

When I decided I had hit rock bottom, it was 2013 and I was a homeless, alcoholic punk degenerate. Now I have a successful artistic career, a studio and lots of work I love on my plate. Most importantly, I’m sober and I can afford takeaway food multiple times a week. This is kind of my journal. With every article, I dissect some of the most recent projects I’ve been working on as well as my latest findings and discoveries.


Multidisciplinary artist, worldbuilder, nerd. Keeping a journal about growth, creativity and productivity